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Standard 8 Meta-Reflection: Exceptionality

Standard 8 Exceptionality: Addresses the unique learning and behavioral needs of all children, collaborating with other educators and professionals where necessary. In the course, Educating Exceptional Students, I learned that inclusion in the general education setting provides many benefits for … Continue reading

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Standard 6 and 7 Meta-Reflection: Communication and Collaboration

Standard 6 Communication: Communicates regularly and effectively with colleagues, parents, and students through a variety of mediums. Standard 7 Collaboration: Cooperates with other professionals to bridge gaps between schools and community and between departments/disciplines within schools. Throughout the course, Communication and … Continue reading

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EDU 6600: Closing the Achievement Gap

The achievement gap is an issue that prompts school leaders to find ways to implement strategies that will create equity.  According to Cambron-McCabe & McCarthy (2011), “We take the students who have less to begin with and then systematically give … Continue reading

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