EDTC 6433: Digital Citizenship Poster

The following link: http://swansonc1.edu.glogster.com/swansonglog/ is my digital citizenship poster that connects with ISTE Standard 4: Teachers understand local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practices. I chose the theme “digital law,” which focuses on teaching students to understand that stealing others’ work is not ethical. My poster describes plagiarism and reminds students of ways they can avoid plagiarism. This is important for my third graders as they begin to work on book reports and research projects. Students need to learn what plagiarism is. They also need to begin the process of giving credit to authors’ when they borrow ideas from multiple resources. Learning how to use quotations, summarize information, and cite references are all skills that students can be introduced to at a third grade level. They will also be skills they will continue to expand and apply throughout their education. My poster also promotes responsible social interaction by encouraging students to be helpful digital citizens. The poster gives students ideas for helping their peers find resources and cite information correctly.

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