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EDU 6524: Meta-Reflection

Standard 1 Instructional Planning: Designs and monitors long and short-term plans for students’ academic success. Standard 3 Curriculum: Provides knowledge and skills that bring academic subjects to life and are aligned with state content standards. The course, Curriculum Design, taught … Continue reading

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Standard 11 Meta-Reflection: Inquiry/Research

Standard 11 Inquiry/Research: Competently consumes and produces where necessary empirical data to guide educational practice. Interpreting and Applying Educational Research I & II taught me the importance of looking at research and data with a critical eye. When conducting research … Continue reading

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Standard 9 Meta-Reflection: Cultural Sensitivity

Standard 9 Cultural Sensitivity: Establishes a culturally inclusive learning climate that facilitates academic engagement and success for all students. In the course, Culturally Responsive Teaching, I learned that it is important that teachers are consciously aware of their own background … Continue reading

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Standard 5 Meta-Reflection: Assessment

Standard 5 Assessment: Assesses students’ mastery of curriculum and modifies instruction to maximize learning.  My Past Experience At the beginning of the course, Standards-Based Assessment, I reflected on my previous experience with assessment in the classroom. I used the five … Continue reading

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Standard 8 Meta-Reflection: Exceptionality

Standard 8 Exceptionality: Addresses the unique learning and behavioral needs of all children, collaborating with other educators and professionals where necessary. In the course, Educating Exceptional Students, I learned that inclusion in the general education setting provides many benefits for … Continue reading

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Standard 4 Meta-Reflection: Pedagogy

Standard 4 Pedagogy: Engages students in learning experiences that are meaningful, stimulating, and empirically proven to promote intellectual growth. One thing I know for sure is that learning never ceases. I continue to grow as an educator through the insight … Continue reading

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Standard 2 Meta-Reflection: Learning Environment

Standard 2 Learning Environment: Creates and maintains school-wide and classroom environments that are safe, stable, and empowering. The course, Human Development & Principles of Learning, has opened my eyes to the world of neuroscience and how it impacts my instructional … Continue reading

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